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"Oh my, look at THAT!!"
That is my main goal In making my art.

The visual first impression is the most important element to me. The next important element is that the viewer can appreciate the skill I have developed as a craftsman. the process is as important as the finished piece. I continuously refine each step of the process to make my work unique and varied. All of my work is hand-built using slabs of clay, or is extruded through a clay press. I use my skills as a carpenter to construct wooden forms which support and hold the clay while I texture the surface. Many items are used to texture the clay, but my favorite is made from wood and specially cut out on a scroll saw with added enhancements made by a wood burning. Textured clay is only the first step; the glaze must enhance the final appearance. I have tested formulas for years to develop the best glaze combinations to enhance the texture of the surface. I also identify with bold color variety to keep my work different and keep it interesting.


I love to collaborate with other artists on group projects. Sharing ideas and processes is fundamental to pushing the level of my own art to constantly improve. Recently I have introduced new materials which is very exiting!


The goal of all my work is to provide immediate beauty and never look ordinary.

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