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A Special Collection


Dear hearts

Hearts have always been a key symbol in our family but especially since my wife, Judy, took the name of “Dear Heart” as her professional clown name 35 years ago.

In 2012, Judy was diagnosed with cancer. We wanted to give the people who helped us get through this difficult time a token of our great gratitude.  It was then that the “5 (Ceramic) Heart Award” was created (instead of a 5 star award). 


I loved the size and the flexibility of stamping and glazing that these hearts provided me as an artist.  They seemed to give so much joy to people as a little gift or a way to fill a little spot on a wall.

In 2016 the cancer returned, and it is nastier than ever. Again our family and friends gather around to help. We are blessed to have an amazing team of doctors and nurses. The creation of the hearts in our home symbolizes the love we are experiencing as we go through this time.

Over the years, I have made hundreds of “Dear Hearts.” Currently, I have over three hundred combinations of unique styles and colors. Rarely will you find two that are the same. For each show, I select a unique group of “Dear Hearts”.


Each heart is mounted on a wooded board and ready to hang, however Ginger’s is offering custom framing where they build a frame around the existing backer board. I sell these hearts as single pieces or in groups of as many hearts as you wish (my youngest daughter and son in law ordered several hundred hearts to be used as wedding favors for attending guests). 


When you purchase these hearts, be assured that they are more than an interesting ceramic creation.  They are part of my attempt to spread love and joy in the world.  Enjoy them as much as I truly enjoy creating them!

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